How Developers And Payment Orchestrators Can Earn Extra Income

How Developers And Payment Orchestrators Can Earn Extra Income With Bani

Written by Taofik

Developers and payment orchestrators can earn through various means…

As a software developer, there are several ways to build a successful career and earn a good income. Although many developers are focused on securing full-time employment, others will likely explore the flexibility of working on a project-by-project basis for multiple clients.

Whether they’re working based on full-time employment or freelance, software developers can seek other opportunities to earn extra money from their skills. They can engage in software consulting, building and selling software products or collaborating with payment providers to integrate payment gateways for clients selling goods or services.

Software agencies and payment orchestration organisations can also benefit from helping businesses streamline and optimise their payment process.

How developers and payment orchestrators can earn easily with Bani

Bani is an alternate payment solutions provider offering a range of seamless digital payment collection options, including virtual accounts for bank transfers, mobile money, e-wallet, and more to business owners across Africa.

Software Developers: With Bani offering one of the payment market’s lowest rates, you can propose integrating Bani into your client’s payment checkout process and instantly begin to earn an agreed percentage on every transaction with all the payment collection options.

Payment Orchestrators: As you help businesses to simplify the complexities of payment processing by handling the technical integration, security, and compliance requirements associated with different payment providers, you can earn from the integration of Bani’s payment solutions for your clients. You will receive an agreed commission on every transaction with any instant payment collection option.

How Bani will benefit your client’s business as a developer and payment orchestrator

Apart from the opportunity to earn good income from the integration of Bani’s payment API into your clients’ payment system, your clients stand to enjoy the following perks:

Virtual Accounts: Bani’s unique virtual accounts allow merchants to collect instant customer payments through easy bank transfers.

  • Multiple bank options: Merchants can generate multiple virtual accounts for different top banks in Nigeria, allowing their customers to choose their preferred bank option for transfer.
  • Instant payment confirmation: By using Bani virtual accounts to collect payments, merchants and their staff will have access to instant notification channels that allow them to confirm successful payments instantly. This helps to eliminate the long waiting times or delays customers often experience with slow payment processes.
  • Instant settlement: With Bani, merchants’ funds are settled immediately after receiving payments, allowing them to put their money to good use quickly.
  • Low charges: Merchants using Bani for their payment collections enjoy the lowest market rates and can earn more from their business.

E-wallet: E-wallets are becoming increasingly popular as a payment option for customers. Merchants can generate Bani’s cost-effective and secure e-wallet to provide various options for customers to make payments.

Mobile Money: Suppose your clients operate businesses in Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Cameroon, Senegal, Benin, or Ivory Coast; they can easily collect instant mobile money payments from their customers.

Crypto: Should they want, your clients can also collect payments in stablecoins. Crypto payments are fast, secure, and funds are instantly accessible. They also attract minimal charges.

Bani Shopper: With the Bani Shopper account, customers can easily make online payments to your clients in three quick taps on their mobile devices, while they can make in-store payments in a few seconds by scanning a QR code.

Above all, integrating Bani as the payments provider in your clients’ businesses is a win-win for you and your clients. You get to earn from every transaction performed with Bani’s payment options, and they get to enjoy a seamless and cost-effective payment collection experience.

What’s more, the Bani payment API is easy to integrate for businesses; you’ll do so in five quick steps!

Want to learn more about how much you can earn by integrating Bani into your clients’ payment collection gateway? Speak with our sales team right away!

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