Mood Lagos uses Bani's virtual accounts for seamless payments

How Mood Lagos Is Utilising Bani Africa’s Virtual Accounts For Seamless Payments

Written by Taofik

Mood Lagos has found payment convenience in Bani’s virtual accounts…

Mood Lagos, an upscale contemporary rooftop restaurant in Nigeria’s commercial hub, is closely associated with innovation. The restaurant is a carefully curated space for customers seeking premium ambience, food and drinks and is perfect for daytime brunches, mini concerts, regular dining, and a fun night out.

As Mood Lagos continues its mission to deliver premium hospitality for customers, it is willing to push the boundaries of what is possible. A significant aspect of its dedication to an excellent customer experience is its commitment to making payments seamless. This has led it to partner with Bani Africa for fast and reliable payment options and funds management strategy to power its service delivery and growth.

Why Mood Lagos turned to Bani Africa’s virtual accounts for action

Payment plays a critical role in Mood Lagos’ ability to deliver on its promise of a lifetime experience for its customers. Still, it has faced technical payment issues, especially with bank transfers.

Michael Gbadebo, Mood Lagos’ Account Manager, explains, “We have been experiencing issues with customers paying through bank transfers for a while. Previously, bank transfers were usually slow, taking as much as 30 minutes or several hours before it’s successful or settled. There was also the issue of limited bank account options for customers, which increased the chances of failed transfers.”

The Bani Africa impact on Mood Lagos’ payment collection processes

Adopting Bani Africa’s virtual accounts for bank transfers is changing the situation. With its solutions, Mood Lagos can now collect quick payments via bank transfers from customers and the funds are settled instantly.

Through a simple integration process with Bani Africa, the restaurant provides customers with multiple banks’ virtual accounts to choose from while receiving instant notifications of successful payments. This ensures no customer delay at the restaurant after payments are made.

Mood Lagos can also track all customer payments in a single dashboard, making it easier for the restaurant to track and manage expenses.

“By using Bani Africa’s virtual accounts, we can now log in to the dashboard and confirm payments instantly, much faster than ever. And we don’t have to wait long hours before payment is settled,” Gbadebo says.

In its quest for a new payments provider, Mood Lagos particularly looked for a partner who could fulfil its immediate payment needs while also being dedicated to supporting its long-term growth.

Gbadebo adds, “The Bani Africa team understands our challenges regarding payment collection and reconciliation and is readily available to support or provide immediate solutions. Their ability to provide valuable insights into payment processes and their recommendations set them apart from other payment providers we have engaged in the market.”

Enabling Mood Lagos to deliver on its mission

According to Gbadebo, the blend of technical excellence, reliable support, and extensive market knowledge of seamless payment systems drives Mood Lagos’ mission to create lasting customer experiences and memories.

“Thanks to Bani Africa, payments have evolved from hindering business growth to becoming a catalyst. We now have the assurance to seize new opportunities without worrying about the frustrations of slow or unreliable payment processes,” he says.

Are you a restaurant owner also seeking an easy and reliable payment collection process? See how Bani Africa’s virtual accounts can simplify payments for you. Talk to sales for more information.

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