Clothing Stores To Collect Seamless Payments

How Bani Enables Clothing Stores To Collect Seamless Payments

Written by Taofik

It’s crucial for clothing stores to collect seamless payments from customers…

An excellent shopping experience and easy, instant payments are closely correlated and can significantly impact each other. For instance, a cumbersome or time-consuming payment process can create frustration for fashion outlets and their customers and lead to a loss of sales.

Use Case: A customer, Christie, visits a popular clothing store to purchase a few items. She selects her desired clothing items and proceeds to the checkout counter for payment. At the checkout, she hands over her credit card to the cashier, but the card is declined. The cashier attempts multiple times, but the card continues to be declined, causing frustration for Christie.

The cashier offers another payment option through bank transfer, but the only bank account provided has technical network issues. This forces Christie to leave the clothing store without her items, causing the store to lose sales.

She, however, decides to go to another store to buy her clothing items but encounters the same problem with card payment. She successfully makes a payment through bank transfer. Happy she has finally been able to purchase her items, Christie is delayed for close to an hour by the sales rep because her payment has not been confirmed in the store’s account.

How does Bani help clothing stores to collect seamless payments?

Bani provides clothing stores with unique virtual accounts to easily collect customer payments through bank transfers. Here’s what the stores and customers like Christie enjoy with our virtual accounts:

  • For instance, with our virtual accounts’ multiple bank option feature, Christie can easily choose her preferred bank option for transfer. This will significantly reduce the chances of payment failure due to technical inter-bank network issues.
  • The virtual accounts’ instant notification feature will also allow your sales rep to receive instant confirmation of every successful payment from customers. At the same time, the funds are settled immediately in the clothing store’s account. This helps to eliminate unnecessary delays for customers.
  • Importantly, setting up and managing various payment collection accounts can be costly and time-consuming, but clothing stores can do this easily with Bani’s cost-effective virtual accounts. Your clothing store business will significantly benefit from our most competitive market rates.
  • Clothing stores using Bani’s virtual accounts also have access to a single payment dashboard to seamlessly track and reconcile payments. You can set up different branches in the dashboard for every business location to effectively keep track of all customer payments.

Bani Shopper: Another swift payment option your clothing store can use is the Bani Shopper. The Bani Shopper account enables customers to effortlessly complete online payments with just three taps on their mobile devices, so they can order their favourite clothing items from your online store and pay swiftly. Additionally, they can make in-store payments within seconds by scanning a QR code.

Remember, clothing stores which prioritise seamless and instant payment options alongside other aspects of customer service can easily foster customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately drive business growth.

Sign up for Bani’s unique virtual accounts and a range of instant payment collection options, such as Bani Shopper, e-wallets, and more, in just three simple steps. Get started right away! If you require additional information, feel free to contact our sales team.

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