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How Bani Helps Retailers Collect Payments Easier And Quicker

Written by Taofik

Retailers and their customers can now enjoy easy payment options.

Cashless payment has become increasingly popular in Nigeria in recent years as the Central Bank of Nigeria intensifies efforts to make the country a cashless society.

More retailers are accepting digital payments, which has many advantages, including convenience and security, for them and their customers.

How Bani optimises transactions for retailers and customers

Both retailers and customers must adapt to cashless payment systems to ensure they can make transactions quickly, securely, and efficiently.

We offer a variety of payment options suitable for your retail business.

Virtual Accounts: You can use our unique virtual accounts to collect quick customer payments. Benefits include:

  • Multiple bank options: your customers can choose any bank for transfers. Offering multiple bank options for payment will provide added convenience and flexibility for your customers. It will also increase the rate of successful transactions, which can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Instant notification and settlement: Customers want to make payments and leave immediately. You’ll enjoy instant notification channels that will make you instantly confirm payments so that you won’t delay them. Your money will also be settled instantly.
  • Low cost: You can manage your business accounts very cheaply. Unlike real accounts, standard bank fees and rates do not apply to virtual accounts, so you will spend less using them for your payment collection needs. This will allow you to realise more profit.
  • Branch setup: Set up branches for your various business outlets in a single dashboard and give your staff control over payments and inventory. Your staff can receive and confirm customer payments without you being present or having to call you. You can also track and reconcile payments across all branches wherever and whenever.

Payment Links: You can generate and share customisable payment links with different payment options for your customers. Payment links will provide convenience, security, and ease of use while speeding up payment processing times and increasing sales.

E-wallet: E-wallet payments can help you to receive payments faster and improve cash flow. E-wallets use encryption and other security measures to protect customer information and prevent fraud, which can provide peace of mind to you and your customers.

Additionally, e-wallets can help you to save money on transaction fees and increase your profit margins.

Invoicing: We help you generate and provide invoices to receive prompt payments. Invoicing can allow you to accept payment more quickly and improve cash flow. You will also track outstanding payments and manage your finances more efficiently.

By generating your invoice on Bani, you can provide your customers with various payment options, including bank transfers to your virtual accounts, payment links, or e-wallet.

Have you got a retail business? Sign up today for our instant and low-cost payment collection options for your customers’ satisfaction and profit optimisation. You can also speak with our sales team for more information.

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