How Electronic Stores Can Collect Payments

How Electronic Stores Can Collect Seamless Online and In-Store Payments

Written by Taofik

Electronic stores are pivotal in catering to today’s burgeoning demand for technology and gadgets. From TV sets to generators, refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, sound systems, and many more, the stores are usually abuzz with shopping activities as Nigerians seek an easier life.

Payments, however, can sometimes present diverse challenges for electronic store owners and their customers. With an increasing number of Nigerians transitioning to a cashless system, digital payment processes often become a recurring source of frustration, primarily due to occurrences of bank card failures or technical glitches within payment networks. These glitches can frequently result in delayed or failed transactions.

Consequently, electronic businesses and customers seek dependable digital payment solutions.

Bani’s solutions to digital payment issues:

Bani‘s solutions for electronic stores to collect hitch-free online or in-store payments from customers include options such as virtual accounts and payment links.

Virtual Accounts: Bani provides unique virtual accounts for electronic stores to collect instant payments through bank transfers. Your electronic store will enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • Multiple bank options: Your store can generate virtual accounts from various Nigerian banks. This will allow your customers to choose their preferred bank for mobile transfers, ultimately reducing the possibility of failed transactions.
  • Real-time notifications: Bani’s virtual accounts ensure you receive immediate alerts for successful payments, confirming customers’ transactions within seconds. The instant confirmation of payment will eradicate delays in the handing over or delivery of purchased items.
  • Prompt funds settlement: Funds received from successful transfers will settle instantly in your store’s account, allowing you the freedom to allocate them for other business needs immediately.
  • Less cost: Bani’s virtual accounts have cost-effective advantages, starkly contrasting to managing conventional business accounts, which incur hefty bank fees. Our significantly low charges will help you reduce payment collection account costs.
  • Efficient payment tracking and reconciliation: You will also have access to a single dashboard where you or your staff can easily track and reconcile all customer payments and manage inventory.

Payment Links: Bani can also provide payment links for your electronic store to send to customers to initiate payment for online orders. The payment links are easy to generate and customisable to fit the descriptions of items ordered. Your customers will simply receive the links via their preferred social channel, click them, and be directed to initiate payments.

In essence, Bani will help streamline how your electronic store(s) collect payments, ensuring a smoother, more efficient and time-saving experience for you and your customers.

Getting your preferred payment collection option(s) is free and seamless, and you can sign up in three quick steps. You can also contact our support team if you have questions or require assistance.

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