Agricultural Businesses Can Collect Payments Seamlessly

How Agricultural Businesses Can Collect Payments Seamlessly With Bani

Written by Taofik

Businesses are constantly seeking options to collect payments seamlessly…

Agricultural products are some of the most in-demand consumer goods in Nigeria. From farmers supplying markets wholesale to retailers selling in bulk to consumers, the demand and supply chain buzzes with activity.

However, as more people embrace cashless transactions in Nigeria, a significant factor that contributes to frustration for both agricultural businesses and consumers is slow or delayed payments.

Debit card failures or technical interbank network issues often cause payment failures and frustrate the transaction process. Hence, the demand for seamless digital payment channels continues to increase significantly among sellers and buyers of agricultural goods.

Bani helps agricultural businesses to collect payments seamlessly

Bani provides alternate payment solutions for businesses to collect digital payments seamlessly and faster, such as virtual accounts, payment links, e-wallets, mobile money, and more.

Virtual Accounts: If you own an agricultural business, you can use the unique virtual accounts for instant bank transfer payments. This will benefit you and your customers in many ways.

  • Multiple bank options: You can provide your customers with accounts from different top-tier banks for their transfers. This will significantly reduce the rate of delayed or failed transfers.
  • Instant notification: With Bani’s virtual accounts, you will receive instant alerts of every successful payment, confirming customers’ payments in seconds. This will allow you to eliminate any delay in delivering their goods.
  • Instant settlement: Your funds will also settle immediately in your account, allowing you to access them for other purposes.
  • Cost-effective accounts: Unlike traditional bank accounts for business transactions, virtual accounts do not attract substantial bank charges. Bani also offers the most competitive market rates, so you will spend much less using our virtual accounts for your transactions.
  • Easy payment tracking and reconciliation: You can also access a single, multipurpose dashboard where you or your staff can track and reconcile all pending customer payments.

Payment Links: If you run an online agricultural store, you can utilise Bani’s payment links to collect easy and quick customer payments.

  • Easy-to-generate: You will easily generate the payment link in a few clicks and be able to share it with your customer via any social channel of choice.
  • Customisable: You can customise the payment links for specific customers to reflect the goods bought, amount, e.t.c
  • Convenient: Bani’s payment links are convenient for you and your customers. They can complete the payment in a few clicks, and you will receive your funds immediately.

E-wallet: Some customers prefer the convenience of making payments from their e-wallet. To satisfy this preference, you can also get your e-wallet on Bani.

  • Secure: Bani’s e-wallet is secure and protects your funds from fraudulent attempts by fraudsters.
  • Cost-effective: It also costs less to own and manage Bani’s e-wallet. You will spend less on transaction charges compared to other channels.

If you want to make more quick sales with instant payments, it’s the right time to sign up for any or all of these options! The sign-up process is free and easy.

You can also speak with the support team for any further information.

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