Hospitals Streamline Their Payment Process

How Hospitals Streamline Their Payment Process With Bani

Written by Taofik

There is an increasing demand that hospitals streamline their payment process…

Visiting a Nigerian hospital for critical, time-sensitive treatment for yourself or a loved one can be emotionally exhausting. The situation becomes even more challenging when the hospital insists on collecting upfront payments before commencing treatment, and the payment process is further delayed by issues such as card failures or interbank network problems.

Since hospital administrators are burdened with managing many payment methods, often leading to errors and increased workload, payments have long been a source of frustration for both patients and hospitals.

These challenges demand that hospitals seek and adopt payment processes that are seamless and stress-free.

How does Bani help hospitals streamline their payment process?

Hospitals can benefit from using Bani‘s unique virtual accounts to collect bank transfer payments from patients.

  • Multiple bank options: Bani will allow your hospital to generate virtual accounts for multiple banks, thereby providing patients with options to choose their most trusted bank for transfer. This will significantly reduce the chances of failed transactions and speed up the treatment process.
  • Instant confirmation: Your hospital staff will receive an instant alert for every successful bank transfer, ensuring no delay after payment.
  • Instant settlement: All patient payments will settle in the hospital account immediately. This allows your hospital to enjoy instant access to funds for other purposes.
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation: Instead of countless hours reconciling all patient payments for different purposes, your hospital staff can effectively streamline the payment tracking and reconciliation process in a single dashboard. 
  • Cost-effective payment: Some payment collection processes can attract significant costs for hospitals. Bani will offer your hospital the most competitive market rates for managing payment collection accounts.

Suppose you are tired of your hospital staff dealing with unreliable or slow payment processes and spending countless hours managing payment-related tasks. In that case, it’s time to adopt Bani’s alternate payment solutions for seamless transactions.

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