Beauty Stores can collect instant payments

Seamless Ways Beauty Stores Can Collect Instant Payments With Bani

Written by Taofik

Beauty stores require seamless payment processes…

Long gone are the days of waiting in endless checkout queues, dealing with slow payment processing, or entering card details repeatedly. The advancement in innovative digital payment solutions spurs customers to seek convenience, speed, and security when purchasing constantly.

This demand for a frictionless shopping experience is the same for beauty stores. When shopping for their favourite makeup and skincare products, a time-saving payment process will add to the excitement of beauty enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, only a few beauty stores in Nigeria can boast reliable digital payment options that save customers time, as debit card and bank transfer payments are occasionally fraught with technical network issues.

What are Bani’s solutions to these challenges?

As a beauty store owner seeking payment collection options that are both reliably fast and cost-effective, you are in luck!

Bani offers beauty stores a range of cost-effective alternate payment options, including virtual accounts, e-wallets, and payment links. These solutions are designed to streamline online and offline payment processes, ensuring faster transaction times for customers.

Virtual Accounts

You can use Bani’s unique virtual accounts to receive bank transfer payments from your customers for in-store payments. This option helps you to streamline your payment collection process in five significant ways:

  • Customers can choose their preferred bank for transactions, ensuring they can use their most trusted and convenient banking service.
  • Additionally, the unique instant notification channel provided by Bani allows you and your sales representatives to receive instant alerts of all successful transfers so that you can confirm payments immediately.
  • Customers’ payments will also settle in your account in just a few seconds after the transfer is completed and confirmed, improving your access to funds.
  • Notably, you can save significant costs on your payment collection process, as Bani’s virtual accounts are a cost-effective solution compared to traditional bank accounts.
  • Last but not least, you will have access to a single dashboard to effectively track and reconcile all customer payments, manage your stores’ inventory, and give your staff control over transactions.

Payment Links

If you own an online beauty store, you can use Bani’s payment links to collect seamless customer payments. Payment links can help simplify your online store’s setup, presenting customers with a seamless alternative to traditional shopping carts and integrated payment gateways that can be too complex for their convenience.

  • With this option, you can reach your customers on their preferred communication channel by sharing a generated customisable payment link via email, SMS, or social media. Upon receiving the link, they simply need to click on it, securely enter their payment details, and complete the transaction in just a few clicks.


Collecting payments from your customers through their digital wallets is also an option. Bani provides secure and reliable e-wallets that allow you to satisfy customers who prefer to make transactions using their e-wallets. By linking your bank accounts to the e-wallet, you can easily receive payments for various beauty goods and services, both online and offline.

This range of reliably fast and cost-effective alternate payment options is perfect for you to achieve further growth in your beauty business.

The sign-up process to access them is free, and you’ll complete it in three quick and easy steps. If you want more information or require help with the sign-up process, you can schedule a quick meeting to speak with our team. Get started today!

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