Furniture Stores Can Collect Seamless Payments

How Furniture Stores Can Collect Seamless Payments With Bani

Written by Taofik

Furniture stores can collect seamless payments with Bani’s payment solutions.

For furniture stores, helping clients to create a stylish living space with an extensive collection of beautiful furniture is a joy. But an even greater satisfaction is when clients make payments.

However, an unreliable payment process can pose a challenge for furniture stores to make sales. This can arise from technical issues, including debit card failures, interbank network errors, or problems with online payment gateways. Such cases can often lead to frustrated customers, abandoned shopping carts, and lost sales opportunities.

What payment options can allow your furniture store to collect payments easily and instantly from customers, whether through a physical visit or through online purchase?

Methods through which furniture stores can collect seamless payments

Bani provides furniture stores with cost-effective alternate payment options such as virtual accounts, e-wallets, and payment links to help ease online or offline payment processes and speed up delivery time.

Instant In-store Payments:

Virtual accounts

Bani’s unique virtual accounts provide a seamless bank transfer experience for customers coming into your store to make a purchase. Unlike traditional bank transfers, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming, virtual accounts make the process effortless for many reasons:

  • Your customers can choose their preferred bank for transactions from various virtual account options. This flexibility ensures they can pay using their most trusted and convenient banking service.
  • You will also benefit from the unique instant notification channel, which allows you or your sales reps to confirm successful transfers instantly. This will enable you to process orders and deliver customers’ furniture promptly.
  • Your funds will settle instantly, reducing the long waiting time to access your revenue. This quick settlement helps you improve cash flow and allows your store to invest in further growth and expansion.
  • Importantly, virtual accounts are cost-effective. You will spend less using them to collect payments than traditional bank accounts.

Easy Online Payments:

Payment link

If you own a furniture store with an online presence, Bani’s payment links offer a seamless alternative to traditional shopping carts and integrated payment gateways. Setting up an online store can be challenging, but the process becomes effortless with payment links.

  • Creating a payment link on Bani is a breeze. You can generate a customisable payment link to share with your customers through various communication channels, such as email, SMS, or social media. This level of flexibility allows you to reach customers wherever they prefer to engage.
  • Your customers will find Bani’s payment links convenient and user-friendly. When they receive the link, they must click on it, enter their payment details securely, and complete the transaction. No need for lengthy checkout processes or multiple steps – the payment is done in just a few clicks.

Remember, a smooth and instant payment process is fundamental for your furniture store to thrive in a competitive market. Choosing a reliable payment partner like Bani can be the key to unlocking success and growth in your furniture retail business.

Bani’s other seamless and cost-effective payment options include e-wallets, mobile money, or cryptocurrency. Sign up for free immediately to access your preferred option, or speak with our team if you require additional assistance or information.

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