How To Solve Payment Alert Issues With Bani's Virtual Accounts

How To Solve Payment Alert Issues With Bani’s Virtual Accounts

Written by Taofik

An instant payment alert has numerous benefits for merchants and customers…

As a business owner, have you ever received payments through bank transfer from your customers but were forced to delay them from leaving as you had not received any payment notification?

Or do your sales attendants have to always call you to confirm a payment alert from a customer before completing the transaction?

Oftentimes, the alert for a successful transfer arrives after several minutes, sometimes hours, and other times, there is no notification at all and the business owner is forced to confirm the payment from their account balance. And sometimes, sales attendants are forced to call their boss to confirm a payment alert from customers before completing the transaction.

For businesses and customers, this is not a pleasant experience to have. The situation which is a common occurrence in Nigeria’s business climate causes unnecessary delays and frustrations for all parties involved.

The world of payments is fast evolving with technology, and business owners and consumers are constantly seeking new payment methods that are easy, reliable and time-saving.

These hiccups in payment collections and the desire to deliver a better customer experience necessitate the need for merchants to have access to real-time payment technology that simplifies transaction monitoring.

Are you a merchant seeking a solution to this problem?

A slow payment confirmation process is a major problem with bank transfers for many business owners and paying customers. Customers want to be able to pay for goods and services and leave immediately. But in many instances, they are forced to stay behind after making successful transfers while sales attendants wait to confirm payment alerts that sometimes take a long time to arrive.

Now, with the push SMS, email, and Signal notification channels linked to Bani’s virtual accounts solution, you no longer have to worry about long waiting times before confirming payments made to any of your accounts by your customers.

How does this work?

As a merchant with various store locations for your business, it is impossible to be physically present in every store. But you can create branches for each store location on your Bani virtual account dashboard and name up to three staff working in each store.

And with up to three mobile numbers and email attached to each branch, you can control which store member receives an instant SMS, email and Signal notification for every payment made by customers.

Benefits of instant Email and Signal notifications

There are numerous advantages of receiving a payment alert to confirm any payment made to your account instantly, such as:

  • Eliminating delays

You will prevent unnecessary delays in your store and save precious time for you and your customers. Less waiting hours for your customers will lead to satisfaction and in turn, loyalty.

  • Tracking every transaction

With every notification, you can easily track and reconcile payments in every store location in real-time, no matter where you are.

  • Preventing fraud

The instant Signal and email notification channels will prevent you from falling victim to fraudulent transactions that can’t be immediately spotted.

If you want the ease and assurance that an instant payment alert provides in allowing you to monitor and control transactions on your accounts, it might be a good time to get on board the Bani virtual account train and enjoy the unique notification channels.

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