Why Merchants Need To Collect PYUSD Payments

Why Merchants Need To Collect PYUSD Payments

Written by Taofik

Merchants can utilise PYUSD payments for more sales…


Customer: I have selected these items. Can I pay for them with PYUSD?

Merchant: PYUSD – what is that?

Customer: It’s a stable crypto coin.

Merchant: Oh, it’s different from our payment options.

Customer: I’ll have to get the items elsewhere then.

Losing customers due to a lack of their preferred payment option(s) can frustrate business owners.

Hence, as a merchant seeking more sales, adopting and providing multiple payment options for your customers is crucial.

One reliable option for convenient and instant payments is PayPal USD (PYUSD).

What is PYUSD?

PYUSD is a stable cryptocurrency coin like USDT and USDC, and it’s available to PayPal users to carry out transactions. Secure and highly liquid assets support the coin and maintain a consistent $1 value. 

How can merchants collect PYUSD payments from customers with Bani?

By integrating with Bani, you can now accept PYUSD from the over 400 million PayPal customers anywhere in the world. 

Conversely, you can also send out PYUSD payments to PayPal customers.

Benefits of collecting PYUSD payments

Stability: A stablecoin like PYUSD offers a more predictable value than many other cryptocurrencies, making it suitable for everyday transactions.

Global Accessibility: Stablecoins are utilisable worldwide. Therefore, with PYUSD, you can facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, eliminating typical delays and costs associated with traditional banking systems.

Reduced Transaction Costs: Cryptocurrency transactions, including those involving stablecoins like PYUSD, frequently incur lower fees compared to traditional banking methods, leading to potential cost savings for both consumers and businesses.

Swiftness & Efficiency: Transactions with stablecoins like PYUSD can be swiftly executed, thanks to blockchain technology. This means all your customer payments will be instant, and funds will settle into your account in seconds.

Transparency: Many stablecoins operate on public blockchains, ensuring transparent and traceable transaction histories. With PYUSD as a payment option, you can easily and efficiently track all customer payments.

24/7 Availability: Cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins like PYUSD, function on a decentralised network, and this will enable you to carry out transactions at any time without reliance on traditional banking hours.

Privacy and Security: Cryptocurrency transactions offer a degree of privacy, and blockchain technology ensures the security of funds. This means you can easily retain control over your account, making your funds secure and protected from fraudulent activities.

Enjoy easier and faster payments from your customers by integrating with Bani for PYUSD payments today. Sign-up is free and will be completed in three quick steps. 

If you require further information, schedule a call with our support team right away.

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