How Beach Vendors Can Collect Payments

How Beach Vendors Can Collect Payments In Seconds

Written by Taofik

Beach vendors need reliable payment options to make more sales…

Beaches are some of the most visited places for recreation among Nigerians. They offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing people to unwind, relax, and connect with nature.

Whether it’s a family picnic, a romantic getaway, or a day of fun in the sun, the picturesque coastal landscapes make beaches popular for locals and tourists with their soft sands and clear waters.

They provide a perfect setting for various activities, from beach volleyball and water sports to strolling along the shoreline. These bustling activities mean fun seekers constantly buy food and drinks from beach vendors or even pay for joy rides on speed boats.

Therefore, beach vendors must adopt and provide digital payment options that are seamless and reliable for instant transactions. A lack of such reliable, time-saving payment options could result in long queues, which, in turn, may cause customer frustration and, ultimately, lead to a loss of sales for vendors.

Bani’s solutions for beach vendors to collect instant payments

Bani provides alternate payment options for beach vendors to collect payments seamlessly and instantly from beachgoers, including virtual accounts, e-wallets, and Shopper.

Virtual Accounts: With Bani’s unique virtual accounts, you can collect bank transfer payments from your customers without worrying about delayed confirmation or funds settlement.

  • Multiple bank accounts: You can provide your customers with virtual accounts of different top banks to make payments through transfer. This will ensure they use the bank of their preference, thereby increasing the chances of successful payments.
  • Instant notification: You and your staff will also be able to receive notification of all successful payments in seconds, allowing you to save your customers’ time.
  • Instant funds settlement: Your funds will be settled instantly and available for withdrawal.
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation: You can reconcile all payments seamlessly and effectively in a single dashboard, no matter how many outlets you own or the number of customers you sell to daily.
  • Low charges: Bani offers the most competitive market rates. By using our virtual accounts to collect payments, you will spend much less managing your payment collection accounts than traditional bank accounts. There are no hidden charges or high chargeback rates.

E-wallets: Due to their convenience, many customers prefer to pay for items or services through their e-wallets. You can provide this payment option for your customers with our secure e-wallet.

Bani Shopper: You can also collect payments devoid of debit card failures or bank network issues by providing your customers with a scan-to-pay payment option. With our Shopper app, customers will simply scan a QR code at your stall with their mobile device and pay in seconds.

Remember, providing payment options that are reliable and time-saving for customers at the beach will position your business to make more sales.

If you want any or all of these alternate payment options to collect instant payments, achieve customer satisfaction, and boost your sales, sign up for free immediately! Our support team is available 24/7 if you require further information or assistance.

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