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How Interior Decor Businesses Can Collect Payments Seamlessly

Written by Taofik

Interior decor businesses need a seamless payment process…

Nigerians take great pride in creating spaces that showcase their unique style, cultural heritage, and modern sensibilities. When setting up a new home or redecorating their apartments, they seek the best interior decoration items that reflect this aesthetic taste, such as LED lighting, chandeliers, tasteful artwork, and more.

As a result, the interior design industry in Nigeria continues to enjoy tremendous growth, with an increasing demand for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing décor items.

For business owners selling these in-demand items and their customers, a critical factor that can frustrate a seamless transaction process is slow, delayed, or failed payments. These can occur in the form of bank card failures on POS terminals or technical bank network issues that affect transfers.

This necessitates interior decor businesses to provide more reliable and seamless customer payment options.

Bani’s reliable solutions for instant payments

Bani provides unique virtual accounts as more reliable alternatives to traditional bank accounts for bank transfer payments — one of the most common forms of digital payments in Nigeria.

  • Multiple bank options: With Bani’s unique virtual accounts, interior decor business owners can provide virtual accounts of different banks for customers to make bank transfer payments. This allows customers to choose their preferred bank for transfers, increasing the chances of successful payments.
  • Instant notification and settlement: As an interior decor business owner, you will receive notifications of successful bank transfer payments within seconds, and your funds will also settle instantly. This will allow you to confirm your customers’ payments and save them time instantly.
  • Easy tracking and reconciliation: You and your staff can also easily track and reconcile all customer payments in a single dashboard, even if you have more than one branch of business. This streamlined process simplifies your financial management and ensures a clear and up-to-date overview of your revenue and transactions, making it easier to make business decisions and plan for growth.
  • Low charges: You will spend less and save more using virtual accounts to collect payments compared to the high chargeback rates associated with other payment options. Bani offers the most competitive market rates.

Payment Links: If you provide online selling services to your customers, you can use Bani’s customisable payment links to collect payments at pocket-friendly cost. You can generate the links and send them to your customers through their preferred social channels to make quick payments.

E-wallets: Some customers prefer to pay for items and services through their e-wallet, and you can use Bani e-wallets to satisfy this demand. Our e-wallets are reliable, secure, and low-cost.

In summary, Nigerians place a high value on interior decoration, and it will be a business advantage for your interior decor business to provide them with reliable payment options that will ensure smooth and instant transactions.

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