Fitness centres and gyms can collect seamless payments

How Fitness Centres and Gyms Can Collect Seamless Payments

Written by Taofik

Fitness centres and gyms need to adopt seamless payment options…

Every gym-goer expects convenience and efficiency in every aspect of their fitness journey, and one crucial aspect that plays a significant role in member satisfaction is payment processing.

Whether paying for one-off sessions, monthly memberships, or even purchasing fitness merchandise, members of fitness centres and gyms appreciate a hassle-free payment process.

As a gym owner, seamless payments will not only keep your members happy but also contribute to the efficiency and profitability of your gym.

Bani provides various cost-effective payment options that make collecting payments from your members easier and faster, thereby saving time and resources. 

Virtual Accounts: Bani’s unique virtual accounts will allow you to collect bank transfer payments instantly.


  • Instead of opening multiple bank accounts with traditional banks and paying high charges, you can generate numerous virtual accounts with different banks. This will allow your members to choose their preferred bank option when making payments, increasing their chances of success.
  • All successful payment notifications are instant, and your funds will settle immediately in your account.
  • You can also track and reconcile member payments in a single dashboard. From updating payment information to viewing transaction history, the portal will empower you and your staff to take control of payments easily.
  • You will spend much less on chargeback rates associated with other payment methods or traditional bank accounts.

E-wallets: For members who prefer paying with their e-wallet, you can also ensure that your gym’s front desk accepts this option with Bani’s e-wallet. The e-wallets are secure and reliable and will help you to avoid fraudulent transactions when handling payments.

Bani Shopper: With our shopper account, you can easily implement automated recurring billing for membership fees. You can send your members payment notifications for authorisation as and when due. This ensures that payments are processed on time, reducing the risk of missed payments and late fees.

Streamlining payment collection processes is a win-win for your fitness centre and its members.

Sign up for free straightaway to enhance your gym’s success, save time, and make it easier for your members to achieve their fitness goals. You can schedule a call with our support team for further information or assistance.

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